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Travel & Packing Tips

Before you travel to the destination of your dreams, here are a few tips that can save you time and money.

  • Take a quick photo of your luggage before traveling. This will help speed the paperwork process immensely if your luggage gets lost.
  • Roll your clothes into your luggage instead of folding it. Rolling your clothes can save space and can reduce wrinkles
  • Book your flight on a Tuesday or Wednesday for cheaper flights.
  • Get TSA pre-check certified. You can walk through security fast and don't need to take off your shoes or jackets.
  • Download your airlanes app for flight information and to download your boarding pass to your phone
  • Pack the heaviest items in the bottom of a suitcase for easier rolling and less clothing wrinkles.
  • Hang toiletries on a lanyard for easier access.
  • Sit by the Wing of the plane or take a morning flight if you have stomach turbulence.