Here is the promo art of the map of the Alola Region. From left to right, they are called Poni Island, Melemele Island, Akala Island, and lastly Ula'ula Island. The white building in the sea is the Aether Foundation.


In this image, you can just see the variety of pokémon in the Alola region and their interaction with people. Can you name all the mons in the image?

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On the left is an image of the Poké Pelago. On your journey you will catch many pokémon, but you can only journey with a team of 6 at a time. What happens to the others? Well instead of sitting in your PC storage box, they go to the fun Poké Pelago where they collect berries, find rare items, and can even level up!

On the right is an image of a trainer using his special upgraded RotomDex. It is given to the player by Professor Kukui and is created when the pokémon Rotom enters the special shell made for it, allowing it to communicate with the trainer.