THE POWERPC Performa 6116CD

I acquired this Performa 6116CD on Ebay and was pleasantly surprised to find that it was in very good condition. I decided then to leave it as original as possible and limit my upgrades to just RAM and the level 2 cache. Of course, I also gave it a clean install of system OS 8.6, a nubus adapter with Radius 24bit PrecisionColor Pro 2MB video card, and an AAUI to ethernet transciever for network access and the internet. I have found that the iCab browser can work pretty well with some of these older machines. This machine has very good color and both CD ROM and floppy drives work like new. It also sports its original 750MB hard drive.

I am still looking for a 6112CD model from the same series. My very first computer in college was a 6112CD and it was my baby. I was devastated when burglers robbed me of it in 2003, and I compensated by buying and experimenting with no less than 4 machines from the Powerpc 6100 seried on Ebay.

I also have a 6116CD that I put a 4G hard drive in, a sonnet nubus 400 Mhz processor upgrade card with an Apple HP video card fully populated with RAM making it 2 + 2 = 4 MB of RAM. Although it is not accelerated, the extra RAM makes for a super crisp and fairly responsive picture on these CRT monitors I am using. The 400 Mhz card with 1MB level 2 cache @ 156 Mhz gives these Macs a super boost in speed. Interesting to note that the about this mac screen reports the machine at half the speed the Sonnet Metronome reports. I also have a Powermac 6100/66 that I put an identical Sonnet processor upgrade card in. I will list it on a separate page. The extra 6 Mhz of speed is reported in both places. Very amusing. It is lightning fast and I play Duke Nukem and Shadow Warrior under ideal settings on this machine.

For Images of The Other 6100s


  • RAM to 72MB (two 32MB SIMMS + 8MB on board)
  • 1024K Level 2 cache card
  • Radius PrecisionColor Pro 24X nubus video card

THE UPGRADES - Sonnet Upgrade 6116CD

  • Full load of RAM to 136MB (two 64MB SIMMS + 8MB on board)
  • Sonnet nubus processor upgrade card
  • Apple HP video card 4 MB RAM
  • 4G hard drive