I know this is a stretch, as it borders on not being that old, but it really is because it won't play in system X. System X left a lot of cool things behind, and it's fun to still have the machines and the software that works so well with them. When these machines were top of the line, I couldn't afford them, and many of the games and improvements were out of reach because my machine couldn't handle them. Deus Ex is just such an item.

Deus Ex is an interactive adventure whose central character, J C Denton, runs around the globe from China to New York, to Paris, pledging to be an agent of some sort, but whose allegiance and motives are questionable at any given moment, throughout the game. He has a vast array of items he can call upon to assist him in his quest to save the world from the corruption of the powers that be, who have mass produced both sickness and cure. Biotechnology is a big theme in this story, and even J C has "augmented" features to his body. Bots, cops, special agents, other elite, augmented agents, and even some experimental "mistakes," mostly in the form of what appear to be animals, all take turns trying to eliminate J C Denton.

The Game features an endless array of maps and can get to be tedious, since, when you run from one to another, you are greeted with a "Loading..." message and you must wait for it to process. It does force one to take more care in where he or she runs, and helps the player remember the map and where he's been. The game requires the CD to be in the machine for the game to play, much like some of the DVD games of today. Thanks to the folks who made up the teams at the time (Jul 7 2000 11:43:49 v1.002f) at:

Eidos Interactive

ION Storm

Westlake Interactive



The Game Intro Icon and Title

J C Denton Sporting his GEP Gun

J C Denton Sporting his High Powered Rifle

J C's Helicopter