I'm not going to spout a bunch of history about this computer, you can find out about them all over the Web. They can hold only 12Mb of RAM and recognize only 10Mb. I think it has a 68030 processor running at 16Mhz. The hard drive is too small - only 80Mb - and when I looked into its physical position and size I decided it was too much trouble to put something larger in as an upgrade. I had to replace the ethernet card as soon as I got it. The Daynaport? - something like that - only lasted a couple of weeks. I replaced it with an Asante that seems to be working OK. Transfer rates all around are extremely slow. However, it does go out on the Web through my little network setup through my cable modem and a LinkSYS router. As a matter of fact, it was the lack of sites and pages available to load in this antique Mac that inspired me to create these pages. I would link out to the specs on this page, but it would violate the spirit of these pages - not to load pages with javascript and flash content, etc.

It doesn't have a CD drive, but I have had an old external AppleCD 300 connected to it and it worked well. The case color is good, though the keyboard and mouse have yellowed a bit. I watched the sale of these between June 2008 and the end of July on EBay and lost out on the first 2 I bid on in that period. I think I even put $300 on one and lost. I put $200 on this one and it went to about $183 plus shipping before bidding ended and I won it. Haven't seen many on there since, and bidding and popularity of these machines was and still is clearly worldwide.

I guess the coolest thing about it is its appearance. It has a clear 10" Sony Trinitron screen and expanded to 512k VRAM with an added 256k VRAM SIMM. I got the SIMM fairly inexspensively and upgrade it along with the RAM to full capacity. I have upgraded the system to 7.5.5 and only recently installed RamDoubler 2 and SpeedDoubler 2. Didn't notice any speed increase but instantly noticed more stable RAM usage and no more sytem errors with programs closing due to lack of memory or poor memory management.

It reminds me of the little computer guy who represents your virtual helper in the Mac version of Microsoft Office98. You know, the one that waves to you every time you close his little window. Let's face it, noboby actually uses his help, do they? I think his name is Max....