Are you prepared? Assassin Creed Origns, Destiny 2 on PC, Call of Duty World War II on PC and Fifa 18. September, Ocotber, and November are the biggest months for games that are releasing.

First up Destiny 2 on PC has challeneges, Huge Bosses, more treasures and maps. All of the new abilities and gear are crazy, insane, powerful, and have a nice design. The customizable character really has a lot of detail for male and female players. The new Destiny let's you play in the city, outside the city in the woods while you don't have your light. Eventually you will regain your powers and obtain new ones to defeat Ghaul. Also there will be more raids and events but the big talk is the Leviathan Raid.

Next up Assassin Creed Origins from deserts to lush oases, from the Mediterranean Sea to the tombs of Giza. The main character Bayek was born and raised in the lonely and isolated area of Siwa with his Eagle Senu.  As a descendent of the Medjay (an ancient elite paramilitary force), he is also the last of the recognized protectors of the region. Some other historical characters are in the game lie Cleopatra, Julius Ceaser and Ptolemey XIII.

Next on the list for games Call of Duty World War II this game comes out November 3 2017. The game is supposed to be great news for the Call of Duty frachise since Infinite Warfare didn't do so good. The new zombies will have amazing graphics, with a whole new mission which is to stop a mysterious person from raising a invincible army of Nazi Zombies.

For all you soccer players Fifa 18 will the next big thing there will be a Nintendo Switch version, there will be special packs with different items in them. The most expensive one is $120 but it's worth it since you'll get the Christiano Ronaldo Loan and the Ronaldo Nazario loan.